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Sweden's Total Gender Confusion Amid "Hate Crimes" & Gang Rapes

In this seventh episode of Norse News we give you an update on the latest insane and hilariously sad stories out of Sweden, the canary in the multicultural coalmine.

Stories covered in this show:

1. A 65-year-old Swedish Women harassed by Police for "hate crime" on Facebook, refuses to confess.

2. "Net Hate" researcher let the Yaks on his farm starve to death. Journalist hero no more.

3. High-profile Stockholm theatre director commits suicide after false #MeToo allegations

4. Complete gender confusion in the Swedish Government: Men gives birth with the aid of mommy's sperm!?

5. Swedish Government issue compensation for a long tradition of sterilization of transpersons who had gender reassignment surgery paid for by the state.

6. Mainstream tabloid press recognizes that virtually every gang rape is done by foreigners.

7. Forget solving the rape epidemic: police is creating a new unit that is going to hunt for "crimes against democracy" in order to protect politicians from mean words by angry Swedes.

8. Immigrants and foreigners are going to be "tutored in forest walks" in order to learn not to be afraid of the Swedish woods.

9. Video from the new party "Alternative for Sweden" reaches out to American's and Swedish-Americans for help to save Sweden.

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