The Blonde Buttermaker

Spring Splendor

Behold the splendor of spring and the visual bounty of spring ephemerals! The return of Spring blesses us with warmth, fertility, creation, and a new dawn. Return to your roots by rediscovering the beauty of spring and the fertile, creative energy it brings. Complacency is poison, but a return to traditionalism is the antidote.

Welcome to the kitchen of The Blonde Butter Maker. Join me as I bring power back into the home while returning to vibrant health and radiant living. How to’s and tips for food and nutrition. If you would like to send a donation to me you can do so here:$theblondebuttermaker I am a wife and mother of three! I am passionate about spreading true health information that is provided to you in an easy to understand and quick to watch format. If you like what I do please consider donating.

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