Slavic Paganism & How Based is Poland Really?

Aspir Befreier is a cultural observer who, after three years of service with the USAF, traveled to over 40 countries; and currently aspires to live up to the title of his surname. Bartek is a co-founder of the Polish Slavic pagan group Bialozar. He is a Polish patriot with an education in physics.

Lana welcomes Aspir and Bartek to the show for a discussion about paganism, nationalism, and Polish political culture. We begin with an exploration of Bartek’s pagan group, Bialozar: its founding, goals, and belief structure. Bartek tells us that Bialozar has several connotations including white fire; a giant mythological bird; and is phonetically similar to the Polish word for white falcon. We delve into the notion of interconnectedness between ourselves, our ancestors, and nature. In the spiritual system espoused by the group, ancestors are venerated in a way that links to the Polish people of the distant past. Lana then broaches the subject of metapolitics. What follows is an in-depth conversation that ranges from nationalist marches, the current political establishment in Poland, the Catholic Church, propaganda, Muslim immigration, and much more.


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