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2030 Reset Agenda & War On Food

Raw Egg Nationalist joins Henrik to discuss the great rest agenda 2030 and how it ties into natural health & the war on our food. We talk about the war on carbon (CO2), the fear tactics around the "climate crisis" to get us to comply and submit to more and more control

We are now hearing that the West should expect endless amounts of "climate refugees," pouring over our borders to help save people that are destined to die in the "global south" due to climate change.

In part two we discuss what can we do to prepare for further decay of the civilization we used to know. Why aren't more people stepping up to lead and organize a great reject, a revolt? The efforts we have seen so far have usually petered out. What can we learn from Western history? What is needed is a perpendicular society that takes future generations into consideration but that is much easier said than done. We are still too comfortable.

Don't miss this very important show.



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