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AntiPit: Addressing the Pit Bull Question

Wild Goose is an activist who became involved in metapolitical activities during Gamergate in 2014, throughout Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, and is now spearheading an anti-pit bull initiative.

Patrick welcomes Wild Goose to the show for a discussion about pit bulls. Our program begins with our guest introducing himself and sharing some details about his past participation in both online and real-world activism. We then delve into the nature of pit bulls by invoking statistics and personal first-hand accounts that are a testament to the breed’s violent nature. Wild Goose reveals that his own experiences along with frequent reports of vicious incidents drove him to advocate for a ban on the breed. Our conversation goes on to discuss the pro-pit bull lobby; the biological argument for pit bull behaviour; and the dog’s interesting history.

In the Red Ice Members’ portion of our show we continue to examine the nature of the pit bull and the breed’s aggressive proponents. Wild Goose shares with us some of the graphic death threats he has received from pit bull advocates opposed to his campaigning. We remark upon the intense nature of the debate and how it serves as a proxy for other issues such as race realism and white advocacy. The discussion also delves into natural selection, dog breeding and much more.


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