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Baltic States Are Ethno-States & Religion Vs. White Identity Debate

Henrik is joined by Frodi Midjord, organizer of the Scandza Forum, to talk about how the Baltic States Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia compares to Scandinavia now, after decades of mass-migration. The Baltic countries are essentially ethno-states that operate and function much better than the collapsing Kingdom of Sweden, that have turned its back against its own native population. We also discuss the upcoming debate between Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones on White identity vs. religion.

In the second hour we dive deep into the question if the survival of a spiritual tradition is more important than the ethnic group that founded and shaped the spiritual tradition. Religion vs. White identity is a wedge issue and we talk about why it's a difficult topic to navigate. We extend the conversation to talk about the increasing amount of Swedish young teenagers that have been subjected to humiliation robberies / humiliation crimes. Migrant gangs humiliate and assault young Swedish teenager and film it, while they are robbed and violently abused. We outline why this is happening and what kind of response this will get in the next couple of years.

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