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Frodi Midjord joins Henrik to talk about some of the recent news and the upcoming Scandza Forum. We cover Pink News scandal video that revealed that they were promoting pedophilia. Pink News “404'ed” the video and article after it caught some flack on Twitter. In a New York university feminists are teaching that milking cows is now "sexual abuse." We move on to talk about the Philadelphia shooting, red flag laws and the lack of response by the mainstream media's, compared to El Paso, Dayton and the Garlic festival shootings. Towards the end of part one we discuss the two upcoming Scandza Forum events in Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway.

In the second part we begin discussing Denmark's Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the political party Hard Line / Stram Kurs and his provocative but effective style. He's shining a bright light on cultural and religious incompatibilities in Denmark. After this we go into all the latest about Jeffrey Epstein, his neck bones were broken it was revealed today, also Ghislaine Maxwell have been found in the ritzy coastal town Manchester by the Sea, not too far from Boston, MA. We also discuss strategies and hope moving forward in our culture of insanity.


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