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Paper On How Jewish Activism Transformed The West, Who Benefits From Ukraine-Russia War?

Kevin MacDonald from The Occidental Observer joins Henrik to discuss his latest paper "The Default Hypothesis Fails to Explain Jewish Influence." The paper was first published in the Israeli-based academic journal "Philosophia" and was heavily demonized and attacked for being 'anti-semitic.' Despite the slander the paper seeks to address the very real and provable role of Jewish activism in regards to the transformative changes that have occurred in the West in recent decades. Later in the show we discuss the deeper implications of the war in Ukraine and who really benefits from it. We discuss Putin, Zelensky, NATO, Western corruption and ask how much influence the oligarchs have in Russia and in Ukraine.

In the second part on the show we analyze the wider consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions. What is going to happen with fuel prices, the supply chain and the food supply? Should we expect a catastrophe or can the damage done so far from Covid lockdown and sanctions be remedied somehow? Major globalist institution and the World Economic Forum are not only warning about food shortages and unrest over food supply problems but seek to benefit from the chaos by "rebuilding" a "new world" after the dust have settled. We discuss this and more in the second part. Don't miss it.



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