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Smollett Walks, EU Meme Ban Passed & Facebook Bans White Nationalism

Orwell & Goode joins Henrik to talk about some of the latest breaking news. We begin talking about the collapse of the Russia Collusion narrative and how Soros' dirty money is behind letting the States Attorney who let Smollett go. We move on to discuss how EU's destructive copyright directive just passed. According to reports a total of 13 MEP's pressed the wrong button during a crucial vote to amend article 13 & 11. Later we discuss Facebook's decision to ban what they consider to be "white nationalism" and "separatism."

In the second part we discuss the blast that left 5 people injured in an enriched suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. Joe Biden once again comes down on "white man's culture" in recent speech. We end talking about the next great MAGA move by Trump: officially recognizing Israel's annexation of the Golan heights. Kushner's Genie Energy is going to benefit greatly from this move by his father-in-law.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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