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The Fascinating Story of Indo-Europeans & Those Who Seek To Destroy It

Survive The Jive joins Henrik to discuss the fascinating origin story of Europeans and the Indo-European invasion, also known as the Aryan invasion. Recent genetic finds show that this theory is once again making a comeback after a long period of vilification.

We discuss those who are trying to destroy the European story and what their motivations are for not discussing the science regarding how Europeans came to be. We also discuss some of the pre-Christian periods in Europe, such as old Norse and Anglo-Saxon pagan culture.

In the second part we debunk further myths surrounding supposed multiculturalism as a big part of our past. History books are being rewritten to justify the morality of our current age. As an example we deconstruct the alleged "Muslim-Viking" embroidery that was "discovered" in Sweden in 2017. We also talk about influential historical/mythological people and why the hunger for Old Norse/Viking and European myth is so strong today.

Survive the Jive is a channel about history, spirituality and tradition. Since 2009 it has focused mainly on European paganism and on creating videos that educate and inspire Europeans with knowledge of their heritage.


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