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Wanted to Help Gang Rape Victims: Targeted by Taxpayer Funded Far-Left Pressure Group & Harassed by Swedish Police

Former Associate Professor at Stockholm University, Bilyana Martinovski joins Henrik to talk about her work trying to help victims of gang rape in Sweden. She shares her story of how she became interested in helping expose the Swedish state and legal system who have turned their back on victims of gang rape, letting criminals off the hook. Because Bilyana has dared to discuss these issues publicly, she has been targeted by a network of people in the media, “journalists,” celebrities and others part of a far-left, taxpayer funded organization called #JagÄrHär (I am here). This group seeks to ruin people's lives because they have different opinions. They seek to get them fired, ostracized and make them unemployable by defaming and smearing them both privately and publicly. The group was started by Iranian born Mina Dennert, but Martinovski was singled out by another member of #JagÄrHär, Kajsa Klein, also affiliated with Stockholm University. Klein wrote letters that sought to threaten both Stockholm University and Gothenburg University in order to get Bilyana's PhD title stripped and to get the universities to sever ties with her. After a recent vacation abroad, Swedish police grabbed Bilyana at the airport in Stockholm and took her away to an unknown location. She was held for several hours without disclosing details about why she was being detained. She was intimately searched and they threatened and humiliated her. They even took her DNA. We go over the entire story and discuss why and who has done this to her.


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