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Wielding Humor and Ridicule Against Postmodernity

Titus, Rudolf, Vlad, and National Waifuist are the hosts of the podcast Tales from the Trough.

Patrick convenes a panel of guests from the Tales from the Trough podcast for a discussion about humor, ridicule, the Alt-Right, the Left, and popular culture. After brief introductions, Patrick and the guests delve into the origins of the podcast, which consists of politically savvy, dark comedic sketches. For the uninitiated, the podcast occupies a space in-between horror and comedy, which is employed to mercilessly mock the contemporary Left. The guests speak to how they balance the mean-spirited aspects of their humor with absurdist, campy material that is simultaneously timely, nostalgic, and prescient.

In the Red Ice Members’ portion of our show, we begin with an exploration of how the guests counter the nihilistic postmodern critique of Western culture. While the podcast is not necessarily postmodern in its own right, it employs postmodern contrivances to ulterior ends. Our discussion also explores how Tales from the Trough is uniquely characterized by its deconstruction of other podcasts on the dissident right. We go on to address the current state of the Alt-Right; metapolitical tactics for identitarians and nationalists going forward; and much more.



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