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Flashback Friday: Conspiracy Theories Are Now Terrorism With Guest Host Jim Goad

Henrik is joined by guest host Jim Goad to cover the latest news and some of the most important stories from the week. We also do a short interview with one of the creators of Entropy, the service that enables demonetized YouTube's taking superchats.

Stories covered:
* Soph get nuked from YouTube
* Mario Lopez might lose his job after apologizing for criticising the trans agenda
* Female Model Insults Trannies, Then Lies And Says She’s A Tranny, Then Apologizes For Lying
* Kids traumatized by enviro-mind-control
* Woman marries golden retriever
* ASAP Rocky released from Swedish custody pending August 14 verdict
* Jeffrey Epstein Wanted To Seed The Planet With His Jizz, The Transhumanist Connection
* Proud Boys Go On Trial, Antifa Doesn’t
* Music copyright infringement wars, Verdict rules Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" stolen from Marcus Gray's "Joyful Noise"
* Boy who was thrown from Mall of America balcony, out of ICU
* Secret Tapes Reveal Ronald Reagan Called Africans “monkeys” As Nixon Laughed
* Black Teen Says He Doesn’t Like White People, Then Shoots At White People
* FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat
* Census Data: Average White American Is 58, Average Hispanic American Is 11
* Swedish woman thrown off bus for not covering up enough
* Remarkable intervention by this Spanish police officer, taking down a machete wielding enrichment advocate
* Germany: 8-year-old boy dies after he and his mother were pushed in front of train by African migrant in Frankfurt
* Syrian migrant hacks man to death in broad daylight in Germany
* Turkey Threatens to “Open the Floodgates” to Migrants Entering Europe
* “Illegal migration is a threat to European culture and civilization”, Hungary’s foreign minister says
* ‘Death to Arabs’: Hate Crimes in Israel
* Study: People Hate Black Robots, They Must Be Painted White For People To Like Them


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'New Political (Dis)Order' In Lebanon, #RyanWhitaker & EU Funding Muslim Brotherhood

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