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Flashback Friday: CPAC, Inside Drama, Sellouts & Excommunication

In this episode, we begin with the latest dirty trick by Right Wing Watch and Amazon burning the books of Counter Currents and Jared Taylor. Despite Alex Jones denouncing Joe Rogan for being a globalist shill, he went on his show again. Then it’s onto CPAC who denied and banned European identitarians from attending, but invited a communist, feminist and plenty of pro-Israel firsters to speak. Tommy Robinson exposed BBC’s Panorama program for blatant lies, corruption and working with the communist org Hope Not Hate. The establishment tried to scrub his documentary from the internet. Lauren Southern and her film team Caolan Robertson and George Llewelyn were also ensnared in a scandal with Hope Not Hate and Christopher Cantwell sent an email to RIght Wing Watch to take down his competition. David Icke was denied from entering Australia for wrong think and was asked if he believed 6 million Jews died.


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Flashback Friday: It's Okay To Be Anti-White

Flashback Friday: It's Okay To Be Anti-White

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