Flashback Friday

#CyberTruck, Borat Get ADL Award, Ban Train Never Stops & Epstein Guards

Henrik cover the latest stories and important events of the week. 

Topics covered:
* More People Banned from YouTube, Twitter, PayPal & Patreon
* Sweden Falls of the Safest Countries List
* Borat AKA Sasha Baron Cohen Wins ADL Leadership Award
* Netanyahu Indicted
* Victoria's Secret Fashion Sow Cancelled, Les Wexner Controversy About Epstein
* Epstein Guards Charged, Didn't Do Their Jobs
* Prince Andres Kicked out From Buckingham Palace After Disastrous Interview About Ties to Epstein
* Professor Not Fired Over "Racist" Tweets. Outrage!
* Tesla's Bizarre CyberTruck Reveal


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