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Flashback Friday: DARPA's Meme Militia, Human Meat To Save Climate & Holocaust Memorial Demolished

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week.

* Women Disappointed Their Girls Are Drawn to Pink Girl Stuff
* Jennifer Aniston's tan is a problem
* Boomer turns in his AK47
* Oregon Man has Guns Confiscated by the FBI, After He Declared He'd Defend Himself Against Antifa
* Bernie Sanders recommends helping 3rd world get abortions to combat overpopulation
* Swedish Professor Research Eating Human Meat as Fix to Climate Change
* #18to8 Canada Wants to Lower Voting Age to 8
* Trans Femininst Vegan Group “Saving Chickens” From Rape Roosters
* Vegans Storm Spanish Rabbit Farm, Surprised When Farmers Fight Back
* Vegan Sues Neighbours For Barbecuing
* Vice calling European statues nonWhite
* Beautiful Old Church Torn Down in France
* DARPA Unleashes Anti-Meme Militia to Fight Deepfakes & ‘Polarizing’ Viral Content
* Moroccan Authorities Demolish Bizarre Freemasonic Holocaust Memorial Built By German Ngo


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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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