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Flashback Friday: "Ethnic Cleansing" in Kashmir, Israel Spying on US & Camille Paglia’s Pedophilia

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week.

* Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days in jail
* New York Slimes Praised Mao then deleted it
* Simes Also Blames “airplanes” For 9/11 Attack
* On 9/11 anniversary CNN says right wingers biggest threat
* #NeverForget Israel’s ties to 9/11
* US Army Major (Ret.) Explains How The US (Israel) Shattered The Middle East
* Israel placed "StingRay" surveillance devices near White House to Spy on Trump and others
* Running for President, new age Marianne Williamson says lefties are incredibly mean unlike conservatives
* Beto O'Rourke: People Will Be “Forced To Allow Lower-Income People To Live Near Them”
* Swedish-Nigerian Rapper Calls for White People To Be Enslaved and Killed
* Pakistani PM: “Changing the demographics of an area (Kashmir) is a crime”
* Instructor Mark Hecht for Vancouver Sun said diversity leads to less trust, less economic well being, was deleted
* BBC admits race is real and matters for medical procedures 
* Camille Paglia wants pedophilia and child pornography legalized
* “Conservative” NRO Columnist David French Says Drag Queen Story Hour is “One of the Blessings of Liberty”
* Facebook, borderline is the content most people engage with


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