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Flashback Friday: #GroyperUprising: ZOA, Gorka, TPUSA Target Fuentes, Guest: Dave Reilly

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* Epstein’s Autopsy ‘Points to Homicide,’ Pathologist
* Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel
* FBI Releases Information on the ‘Finders,’ a Secretive Group Accused of Child Sex Abuse
* Christine Elliott, Ontario Minister of Health Free Flue Shot Fail
* Guest Dave Reilly Joins to talk about TPUSA, Charlie Kirk, GropypersUprising
* TPUSA Guys Resign
* ZOA and Gorka Calls For Fuentes To Be Banned on Twitter
* Bill Gates works on "Poop perfume"
* WashPoo: "Why America Needs a Hate Speech Law"
* Drag Queen Simulates Cutting Baby Out of HIS Womb, Drinking Blood
* Forget Bugs, Some People Are Now Eating "Human Blood Sausage"
* Drag Queen "accidently" flashes kids
* Women with mustache razor commercial
* European Lawmakers in Kashmir Amid Tensions


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No-Go Zone: Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd

No-Go Zone: Beirut Blast Aftermath, Oprah & George Floyd

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