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Flashback Friday: Happy Easter!

Special Easter episode of Flashback Friday. Tune in live for the most important stories of the week with Henrik and Lana. 

Some of the topic covered:
* Notre Dame Cathedral, the coming horrific redesign
* YouTube And Google Algorithms "Promoted Notre Dame Conspiracy Theories" according to HuffPoop
* Swedish Libs Asked: Would you accept an immigrant/refugee into your home? The surprising answers
* SPLC worry about political activists (that they don't like) going on TikTok
* Muller report is out, some highlights
* A measles case hits Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, yet police speech of those advocating against vaccination online
* Why black suspect allegedly threw 5-year-old White boy off balcony at Mall of America
* CBS' "The Good Fight Advocate" for violence
* Former Weather Underground Member, 69, Granted Parole
and Much more


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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