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Flashback Friday: Moving Forward Despite More Censorship & Fake News

Henrik and Lana go over some of the important events and stories of the past week.

* Support for Red Ice after YouTube ban has been a morale booster
* “Consolidation price” from the Swedish King to Greta Thunberg for not winning the Nobel peace prize
* Lefties want to take Handke’s Nobel Prize for siding with Serbs
* Ann Coulter goes off about population replacement
* Big Tech Green Card Bill S.386, Mission to bring in cheap labor to America
* Students burn anti-White book written by their “teacher”
* Ben Shapiro is arming himself against the LGBT agenda
* ABC News "mistakenly" airs video from Kentucky gun show as Syria bombing footage
* On #PronounsDay, the UK police are being dispatched to make sure you use the correct pronouns


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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