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Flashback Friday: Notre Dame Restoration, Anti-White Politics, EuroWar, Guest Ethan Ralph

Henrik and Lana discuss the latest news and important stories from the week. Our main topic is the restoration of Notre Dame and normalization of anti-White politics with special guest Ethan Ralph from TRR Tonight / Killstream. Tune in live.

Topic's Covered:
* "What If" Top Notch Tweets
* Notre Dame Must Be Restored To Exactly The Way It Was Before Fire
* Florida Launches Investigation Into Group Trying To Privately Build Border Wall
* Salvini Attacks: Italy to activate its 'parallel currency' in defiant riposte to EU ultimatum
* The Rothschild Owned Paper Economist Is Spinning George Orwell
* Twitter Has Started Researching Whether "White Supremacists" Belong on Twitter
* HuffPoop calls for twitter to ban basically everyone on the right
* Australian TV Channel Thinks Swedish Preppers is a Fringe Putin Driven Movement
* Human Rights Commission: Malema Not Calling For the Murder of White People ... Yet, is Not Hate Speech
* MLK's Saint Statues Removed, Statues Next?
* US Navy Releases Footage of UFO's
and more.

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