Flashback Friday

POC, Trans & Women: Destroying Freedom to Keep You Safe

Henrik and Lana cover the latest stories and important events of the week in episode 57 of Flashback Friday.

Topics covered:
* Vox Media Lays off Freelancers After Supporting CA Gig Law
* YouTube deletes interview with Yuri Bezmenov
* Google and YouTube Moderators Are Very Very Sensitive, PTSD from Watching Too Much Truth
* Facebook Bans Independent Journalist From Posting Article About YouTube Censorship
* Freedom Loving Libertarians Your Time Is Up as POC, Women, Trans & Non-European Immigrants Gain More Influence & Power
* Trump Rejects Resolution to Recognize Armenian Genocide
* Immigrants to Take 24 Seats From Trump States
* Impeachment Circus
* In the UK a Muslim Cop and 15 Other Muslims Charged With Child Sex Abuse
* Iowa Man Who Burned LGBTQ Flag Sentenced To 16 years
* UK Judge Rules Belief That ‘Men Cannot Change Into Women’ Is ‘Not Worthy of Respect In a Democratic Society’ - Woman Fired For a Tweet
* J.K. Rowling slammed as a "TERF" for supporting researcher who tweeted that "men cannot change into women"
* Seattle Hires Trans Stripper to Raise Awareness About Homelessness
* Seattle Times Changing How They Use Term “black” and “white”
* Swedish Town to "Integrate" Refugees by Housing Them With Pensioners
* "Don’t Just Hire the ‘Best’ People — Focus on Diversity



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