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Flashback Friday: Roger Stone “Found Guilty,” Corruption, Sellouts & Opportunists

Henrik and Lana cover the latest stories and important events of the week in Flashback Friday episode 52.

* Roger Stone Found Guilty On All 7 Counts
* Glen Allen re Allen v. SPLC Litigation
* Ben Shapiro on Radio 3Fourteen in 2014, A Different Ben Back Then
* Daily Wire editor says Jew hatred is inherent in European DNA
* Gay pressure group demands 1 of 5 prime-time TV characters be LGBT by 2025
* Genocide Denier Cenk Uygur Files To Run For Disgraced Congresswoman Katie Hill’s Seat in California
* Paul Craig Roberts comes around
* PayPal banns PornHub
* Staffanstorp Municipality in Sweden Release Migrant-Free Ad
* Charlie Kirk Disgraced in Huston
* Anti-White professor says space, technology and science are racist lies by white people
* Brown people in Canada complain that ice hockey is too White
* European girl hates her DNA results


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Pre-Election Coverage

Pre-Election Coverage

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