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Flashback Friday: The Baby Eating Question, NYTimes: Kill Free Speech & Huwyte Hysteria

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week. Tune in to episode 46.

* AOC Falls For Eat The Babies, LaRouche PAC Troll
* Supporting Greta Is Supporting White Supremacy And Privilege
* Robert DeNiro Has Been #MeToo’ed
* Dreadlocks Cutting Hate Hoax, The White Boys Accused Did Not Do It
* "Despicable Me" Costumed Actor at Universal Orlando Fired For Using “White Power” Symbol
* Nickelback Files Copyright Claim To Block Meme Used by Trump LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH
* Antifa Protesters Scream "Nazi" at Old Lady (Who is Pro-Free Speech)
* New York Times (The Standard-Bearer Of Journalism In The "Free World") Says “Free Speech Is Killing Us” So Shut It Down
* Let's Talk About Andrew Marantz
* European Court of Human Right’s Says: Free Speech Does Not Include Asking Questions About The Holocaust
* Let's Look At The Declaration Of Human Rights
* Sweden Backs On Proposal To Scrap History From Curriculum
* Demographic Replacement Recognized by Integration Manager in Smaller Swedish Town
* A Swedish Political Party Says It Will Fight To Ban Circumcision
* Worried About Eating Bugs? Don’t Worry CNN Says You Already Do!


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US Election Turmoil: Likely Scenarios & 'Limits To Free Speech'

US Election Turmoil: Likely Scenarios & 'Limits To Free Speech'

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Why I Support Free Speech

Why I Support Free Speech

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