Flashback Friday

Trans-formation of Norms, PG&E Wildfires in CA & Who is Siding With China?

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week.

Topics Covered:
* FILSAN Tweet Thread “Let’s all actually fuck off back to our own countries and let the White people suffer”
* Instagram to Ban OK Hand Symbol For "Hate Speech"
* News Anchor Matt Lauer Anally Raped a Woman
* Transgender Black Person Steal Mic From CNN Host During Clown Hall To Scream “We Are Dying”
* Victoria's Secret Will Feature Transgender Model In Its Store Windows
* Victoria’s Secret First Plus Size Model, Size 14
* No More King and Queen at Homecoming at Ohio School
* Failed Synagogue Shooting in Germany Targeted Kebab Shop Instead
* PG&E Cut Power In Parts of California To “Protect” Against Wildfires ...Wildfires Erupt While Power Is Off
* Chabad Lubavitch tries to get Putin to Slap Sweden into Place For Not Allowing Them To Homeschool Under "Special Circumstances" Clause
* 13yr old White Girl Talks About Muslim Boys Threatening To Rape Her in School if She Doesn’t Perform Oral Sex on Them
* Girls “Confront” Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Over His Blackface Scandals
* China / Hong Kong Rift Is Causing NBA & Transnational Shoe Companies to side with Communist China
* Gaming Company Blizzard Sides With Communist China



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