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Flashback Friday: Trans Shooter, Banned IRL & Ben Shapiro Meltdown

Henrik and Lana discuss the latest news and important stories from the week.

Stories Covered:
* CNN "buys out" (fires) 300 employees
* Another leftie journalist fired for sexual harassment
* Roosh banned from Chase WePay
* Democrats want to ban cryptocurrency
* Laura Loomer breaks down on InfoWars after constant banning
* Ben Shapiro has a meltdown on BBC, walks out of interview
* “Asian” rapper brags about drugging and prostituting White girls, song played on BBC
* Trump importing more low skilled workers
* Trump aide sparks fury for tweeting 4yo video from Ukraine & presenting it as СURRENT Hamas strikes
* Instructors at a top Israeli religious academy want the return of slavery
* Muslim who threw milkshake at Tommy Robinson gets "death threats"
* Colorado school shooters were lefties, one was trans
* Converse uses child drag queen to market their shoes
* Wrigley Field bans fan who made OK hand gesture because "muh White supremacy"


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