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Flashback Friday: Trudeau’s Blackface, Late Night TV Turns To YouTuber Lilly Singh + White Art Collective

Henrik and Lana talk about the recent news and important stories from the week.

* Mozilla Firefox Wants to Hear Your Story of YT “Radicalization” to Censor Videos
* Justin Trudeau's Blackface from 2001 Comes To Light, Grovels to the Press
* Annoying Canadian-Indian YouTuber Lilly Singh Becomes NBC's New Anti-White Late Night TV Show Host
* "Islam Is Right About Women" Posters Spark Outrage & Confusion
* Rambo Last Blood Called "Racist and Sexist"
* Mercedes-Benz U$A Goes Very Gay
* "Outrage" Because Britain First Activists Make Sure That Migrants Don't Enter the UK Illegally
* "Multiculturalism Has Failed" 95% Agree in UK TV Poll
* Guest Jeff Winston from White Art Collective Joins to Talk about the Spooky Short Film Content and more
* Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran Javad Zarif Says That Strike on Saudi Oil Refinery Was Manufactured Provocation To Start War
* Facebook Moderation Job Has Left Some ‘Addicted’ to Edgy Memes and Pushed Some More to the Right


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