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Milken’s Globalist Event, War Criminal Colin Powell Dies Jabbed, Bill Gates Protests, 'The Thing’ & Bari Weiss Deception

We discuss Michael Milken and the Milken Institute, where back October 2019 Fauci attended with a number of other globalists to discuss how to introduce an mRNA vaccine against a new version of the influenza. Now convicted Felon - who was Pardoned by Trump - is back with another Milken Institute meeting in Los Angeles. War Criminal Colin Powell died of Covid-19 'complications' after receiving both shots earlier this year. We speculate as to what 'the Thing' is that Dr Franc Zalewski from Poland reportedly has detected in one of the vials from Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine. Later in the show we discuss how conservatives are embracing Zionist Bari Weiss, a former New York Times writer, as a 'voice of reason' after going on Brian Stelter's show 'Reliable Sources.' Zio-Weiss argued that questioning if Women are Women & Men are Men and the Wuhan lab leak theory as a 'third rail.' Is it really? We address why Bari Weiss is not a voice of reason but one of total hypocrisy and double standards. She advocates for her own Israel in a way she never would for America or other European countries, in fact she says that 'anti-Semitism is build into the scaffolding of Westerns civilization.' Don't miss this show. 



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