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The Depopulation Opportunity - Demographers & Economists Are Clueless

Henrik does a deep dive into the coming demographics crisis and how immigration, economics and globalization all will transform because of it. We look at an interview with Nicholas Eberstadt, a member of the World Economic Forum and Neocon NGO American Enterprise Institute. We show how a primary expert on demography and economics is generally clueless as to why there is a decline in the population - especially among Western and European nations. While Eberstadt, at least at times, recognize how corrosive much of the Gramscian (Cultural Marxist) march through the institutions have been, there is surprisingly little emphasis on it and what appears to be an unwillingness to take a strong stand against it, in order to reverse the damage that has been made. Tune in and listen to how a mainstream “GDP enthusiast” looks at the dramatic changes that is to come within the next 10+ years.

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