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Tucker Vs. Fredo, Who Is Worse?

Tucker Carlson was universally attacked in the mainstream media for calling out the White Supremacy hoax. Tucker is now on "vacation," while many speculate that he actually was suspended by Fox News for two weeks, after his candid segment. The Fox News channel turned their back on Tucker and caved to pressure by the outrage mobs. In contrast, Fredo Cuomo was defended by his news network, CNN and other news anchors, after he had threatened a guy with physical violence, in a tirade of slurs because he didn't get his name right. What is worse? Calling out the exaggeration of the threat of White Supremacy and how it's being used by the media to sow discord or to threaten someone with physical violence? CNN and Fox News both obviously thinks that Tucker is the bad guy.

In addition, CNN's Don Lemon is being sued for shoving his hand in a bartender's face, after he had rubbed his genitalia with said hand. He had allegedly asked the terrified bartender “do you like pu**y or d**k?”

We end the segment on the ICE facility that was shot at in San Antonio, Texas. This comes in the wake of both politicians and media calling ICE facilities “concentration camps.” Now we have a second attack on a facility in a short period of time. The media's language is having real life consequences and they are radicalizing individuals that are whipped up into a frenzy over issues that are greatly exaggerated.


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