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How and Why to Make Liver Pâté

The average person today finds foods such as fish roe, organ meats, bone broth, bone marrow, and shellfish to be distasteful or disgusting. A closer look into history shows that these foods are rich and nutrition packed, and have been a staple for sustaining our ancestors throughout time. These foods should be seen as sacred and revered for their ability to create a people who are strong, vital, fertile, and robust. These foods contain the perfect combination of fat soluble vitamins and minerals to facilitate the formation of beautiful faces in developing fetuses- strong jawlines, straight teeth, symmetrical facial features, and broad well formed palates. With an open mind you too can enjoy these foods again. These foods are a part of our heritage, and hopefully recipes like this beef liver pâté will be enjoyable and satisfying to eat! Sacred foods like liver are, after all, a part of the reason we have survived to be here today. Complacency is poison, a return to traditionalism is the antidote.

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