Western Warrior

4th of July, Kosher Conservatives, 'Globalists Are Pagans'

Episode 231 begins on the 4th of July. We're told patriotism is ok but nationalism is not. A poll was taken showing just how proud Americans are to be American and it wasn't that great. A liberal woman makes threats against the government on Twitter and receives a letter from DHS asking her to “please” stop. Blackrock CEO Larry Fink comments on the future of a “stable digital currency” and a former Blackrock manager says what their ultimate plan is. Also, the man who claimed on live TV that Americans must accept high gas prices for the good of the “liberal world order,” was a Blackrock employee now working for Biden. As fake climate change madness continues, we take a look at the 1992 Rio earth summit and agenda 2030. It's an old agenda with new faces.

It was revealed that Sheldon Adelson funneled money to alt-lite kosher conservative media personalities. Last week Dr. Zev Zelenko died. We highlight a few of his comments on the Noahide Laws and his claim that globalists and transhumanists, including Jewish ones, are “pagans.” You can't have transhumanism without trans. Now the Navy is teaching how to use gender pronouns. Germany changed the law to allow anyone to legally change their gender without any process. Pregnant “people” are being encouraged to get the Covid jab and activists outside a children's vaccine clinic plead with parents to not do it. Later, a fanatical vegan couple kills their child by malnutrition.



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