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al-Baghdadi Dead, Non-Binary She-Ra, Craft Beer is Racist, Orania is Booming & Children Makes Women Healthier

Episode 118 kicks off with the latest headlines. PG&E will plunge millions of Californians into a historic blackout. American Democrats want to label nationalist groups overseas as terrorists. Farmers in Germany protest discrimination. Craft beer has a diversity problem. Merkel is receiving the Zionist Theodor Hertzel prize. Two White students were arrested for saying the N word in a game on campus. Also, ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is said to have been killed in a US military raid.

Anti-White anti-nationalist indoctrination continues in public schools and the Atlantic publishes a piece claiming that the greatest White privilege is life itself. Maria Butina arrives back in Russia after release from US prison.

CrapFlix is rebooting She-Ra with a non-binary freak character and Harvey Weinstein is back. Jewish American futurist Amy Webb claims there are three things women need to know for the year 2030. Also, the Guardian is freaking out about Orania's booming success in South Africa.

Researchers in Oslo says that women who birth multiple children are healthier mentally and physically and a new poll on free speech in America claims that the majority of millennials support jail time for offensive speech. In the UK, it appears that the 39 people that died in Essex was because of an open borders activist who wanted to illegally smuggle people from Vietnam.


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Flashback Friday: UNBELIEVABLE Election Theft, Recounts Begin

Flashback Friday: UNBELIEVABLE Election Theft, Recounts Begin

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