Western Warrior

America's Decline: Petrodollar Collapse, Military Disaster, China & Russia Ascending

Episode 261 of Western Warrior begins on the Trump indictment circus. Will anything really come of it? An AI expert warns, "If we go ahead on this everyone will die." What will happen if people become too dependent on AI technology? Operation Choke Point 2.0 targets crypto currency. China and Russia turn away from the petrodollar.

A Pentagon study revealed that 77 percent of young Americans do not qualify for military service without a waiver due to being overweight, drug use, or mental or physical problems. The US Army brings back the 1980s "Be All You Can Be" slogan to target Gen Z. Russia declares the west an existential threat and BRIC nations are working on developing a new currency. Ukrainian soldiers call for the overthrow of Zelensky. Mark Hamill voices air raid warnings in Ukraine as Luke Sykwalker. Finland joins NATO. Will they be able to withdraw after right wing victories in the latest election?

More of corporate America is going woke from queer beer to tranny shavers and gay MacDonald's. Yet another reason to not support these toxic companies.

Later, Sweden had the coldest March in 150 years.



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