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Antifa Assaults Andy Ngo, LGBTQ Fatigue & Dalai Lama "Europe For Europeans"

Episode 101 begins on the violent assault against journalist Andy Ngo by Portland Antifa and Teen Vogue pushes communism on young girls. Also, many are suffering from LGBTQ fatigue and pride exhaustion. The first drag queen is elected into US politics and it’s hilarious. Meanwhile, the Democratic “debates” were a sad spectacle with much hispandering. Progressives claim that migrant children are now being held in concentration camps and a photo showing a drowned Mexican and his toddler daughter are being used to guilt Americans into open borders. Also, in the US less than half of children under 15 are White.

The list of “safest countries” is out for 2019 and mostly European countries made the list. A Swedish website teaching migrants how to have sex with native women is mainly visited from non-European countries. The Dalai Lama warns again that Europe could become 'Muslim or African' if migrants are not returned to their home countries. At the annual G20 meeting, Putin has fun with globalists.


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You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

You Have No Right NOT To Take The Trump Vaccine

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Why I Support Free Speech

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