Weekend Warrior

Antifa Claims Teeth, Religious Freedom Gone & Hunter Biden Drama Just Starting

Episode 164 begins on the latest leftie protests of “peace.” First, a guy gets his teeth knocked out in San Francisco by Antifa for organizing a pro-free speech rally and a Trump supporting woman gets beaten up at the women’s march in Washington DC. In multicultural France, a teacher is beheaded by a Muslim teen for teaching about freedom of expression.

Religious freedom doesn’t exist for European folk religions. A small town in Minnesota is going to vote on whether Asatru can be given a permit to start a folk assembly in the town.  Also, in Minnesota, a tax funded school is offering a 12 step recovery from Whiteness course. European heritage is racist! A federal agency that celebrates everything and everyone is under fire for recently observing European Heritage because it “promotes white nationalism.” In San Francisco, the board of education commissioner has said that merit is an inherently racist White supremacist construct. Meanwhile, Pdiddy says to prepare for a race war and is starting a new political party called Our Black Party.

Joe Biden responds to his son Hunter’s crack pipe photos. Hunter is also being investigated for possessing child porn on his laptop. Republicans say “winter is coming” for big tech after they’ve censored more conservatives and in particular the story about Hunter Biden.

Audio is leaked of Governor Cuomo admitting that the new COVID lockdowns in New York are not based on any science or medical expertise, but rather a “fear based response” but Fauci tells Americans that they need to sacrifice Thanksgiving.



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