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Antifa Goes Mad In Portland & The War on Whites Intensifies

Episode 108 begins with more on the Proud Boys protest against Antifa in Portland, Oregon. The freaks, weirdos and communists were out in full force using violence against normie Trump supporters. Elitist Cory Booker says he will create an office to combat “White supremacy” if elected president and a White kid in Ohio was arrested for posting an edgy meme.Jeffrey Epstein’s official autopsy “confirms” he hanged himself in jail. A children’s book author complains that Jews are “losing their edge” and adds a child describing oral sex into one of her books. Black basketball players don’t want “owners” of their team as it implies slavery and Mercedes Canada goes gay clown world in their latest advertisement.The European Union and the UN suggest totalitarian censorship plans to end “racism.” Meanwhile, countries in Europe are posting signs telling “new Europeans” to not defecate in the streets. Australia is now experiencing ethnic gang wars but it’s not the Aussies doing it.


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Facebook Banned Red Ice

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Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

Conspiracy Theories Are Terrorism

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