Weekend Warrior

Antifa Kills Patriot & FBI Sting: 'Vanilla ISIS' Alleged Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor

Episode 163 kicks off on comical Sleepy Joe slip ups. Censorship goes on overdrive as a CNN anchor tells Susan Wojicki that she needs to manually review all content before it is published on YouTube to “keep people safe.”

The big story is the murder of another Trump supporter by an Antifa “security guard” in Colorado, which the msm is covering for. We also detail what is known surrounding the alleged foiled “terror plot” in Michigan to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and remember how the FBI instigates terrorism.

Keith Olberman goes off the rails and says that Trump supporters should be rounded up and “removed from our society.” In Delaware, Lauren Witzke running for senate gets a temporary ban on Twitter for stating the truth about immigration.

Then, more on Covid-19 and how elites are just getting started with this lie. Also, news updates in Australia, South Africa, UK and France.

Later, Trump comments on UFOs. Will the next big hoax be from outer space?



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