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Apple: Thinking Different Is Sin & Good News in Europe

After quick headlines, we comment on Apple CEO Tim Cook's ADL award speech where he vows to remove "hate" and "white supremacy" from their platform.

The White House held their annual Hanukkah reception but we set the record straight on the true origins of Hanukkah. In Germany, an anti-German group publishes a 60-page advice brochure for kindergarten teachers on how to identify and deal with children from 'far-right' families warning that boys and girls displaying traditional gender roles and girls wearing braids and dresses might be from fascist families.

There is plenty of good news from Europe though! Several countries say NO to the UN's Global Compact for Migration (White Replacement), Doctor's Without Borders 'refugee' rescue boat Aquarius ends their illegal activity and Italy decreases immigration by 96% showing how it can easily be done.


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