Weekend Warrior

Armed Black Power Group March In Georgia & “Black Fishing”

Episode 151, begins on more cancel culture as the Redskins and Blackhawks consider changing their “racist” and “colonialist” team names. We show highlights of Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech and talk about Kanye West who said he’s running for president.

Leaked images from a Paypal seminar reveal what we already knew. They discriminate against anyone who is not anti-White. Ghislane Maxwell has been arrested and will appear in court soon. One of the attorney's representing some of the victims says that she might be “silenced” in the same way Epstein was silenced. Meanwhile, we show the disgusting truth about PornHub. Also, a black power militia marched in Georgia demanding reparations and a black nation state in Texas but it didn’t make the news. White women are accused of “black fishing” and White people are told it’s White supremacist to not have sex with non-Whites. We end with a look at how MSNBC covers for antifa violence and deflect guilt onto right-wingers.



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