Western Warrior

Arrested For Stickers, Raided For Memes, Refugees As Weapons & Insider Confirms Covid Killer Jabs

Episode 289 begins in the UK as James Costello was jailed for 5 years for posting stickers branded with a website. The UK also introduced an emergency plan to combat overcrowding in jail, which would mean foreign criminals would server shorter jail time than Britons. In a US prison, Derek Chauvin was stabbed by an FBI informant. The FBI raided a Catholic family after their 15 year old posted in a trad Catholic private message group.

Finland accused Russia of sending migrants to destabilize Europe as an act of "hybrid war." If flooding Europe with migrants is an act of war, then NGOs and others aiding such migration are also Europe's enemies.

Pro big pharma, vaccine, GMO leftie journos are at it again, labeling wellness a far right movement. We'll take it! They are the opposite of wellness.

Philippines launched an investigation into excess deaths and Japan approved the 1st self amplifying mRNA Covid vaxx with no safety or efficacy studies. In New Zealand, a Covid vaccine database administrator goes rogue and blows the whistle on vaccine deaths. Yesterday, the cops surrounded his house and arrested him.

AntiWhite activist and actress Susan Sarandon, was dropped by Hollywood for saying "Jews were finally getting a taste of how it feels to be Muslim in America.”

Later, Michael Levin has taken the groundbreaking work of Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and applied it to man-made horrors beyond our comprehension.



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