Western Warrior

Ausländer Raus!

A deranged tranny stabbed 4 young girls in a movie theater, stabbed 2 women at McDonald's and is wanted for a murder in Connecticut.

A Jewish owned consultancy firm is working to make Japan more multicultural. Geert Wilders expressed his undying support for the existence of Israel. Will he also show his support for an ethnostate for the Dutch people? Spain recognized Palestine as a state and Turks exposed America's nonexistent borders.

'Ausländer Raus' takes Germany by “stürm.” Those who have been identified singing the song are now wanted for a hate crime and threatened with 5 years in prison.

Diversity is working out great! The black female president of Boston's City Council refused to take the oath of office and said she is only there to represent the interests of black people. A leftie academic admits that ‘a nation cannot have both unity and diversity because they are polar opposites.' We also check in on the current state of the Libertarian Party.

Telegram founder, Pavel Durov, says why he moved his HQ to Dubai and tells Tucker why he doesn't own any assets even though he is a billionaire.

A prehistoric Stone circle in England may have been erected some 700 years before the origin of the iconic Stonehenge monument, an archaeologist has proposed. What was the evolution of the methods and techniques used to build these large stone circles and what were their purposes?



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