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Baltimore Is Rat Infested & The Gilroy Garlic Shooter

Henrik solo hosts this 105th episode of Weekend Warrior and focus on the Gilroy Garlic shooter and the reality of Baltimore's rat infestation. We look at Rep. Elijah Cummings attacking Kevin McAleenan, the new acting secretary of homeland security, over the “poor kids at the border”. This prompted Trump to bring up the rat infested state Baltimore is in. Later we talk about two celebrities who had their Twitter accounts hacked. One belonging to Jessica Alba and the other Steve-O. The hacker posted offensively woke content and forbidden edgy promotion of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In addition, the Supreme Court just lifted a freeze of $2.5 billion in defense funding for the US border wall. We also talk about the new Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, who is seeking to legalize 500 000 illegal migrants.


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