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Banker Scum, Norway Research ‘Racist White Paint,’ LGBTQ Infants, Commies Loves Their Pedos

An awful new MLK statue called, 'The Embrace" looks more like a giant ding dong or pile of dog crap. The World Economic Forum opened on MLK day. A real estate company in Sweden wants you to own nothing and be happy. They suggest you sell your house and then rent it. Wells Fargo announced they are downsizing their mortgages and will only focus on nonWhite communities. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee introduced a bill to make it a crime for White people to criticize mass immigration, nonWhite people, and the discussion of demographic replacement. The Norwegian government plans to study how white paint is racist.

Green antifas protest at a coal mine in Germany. Meanwhile, the Green German Justice minister was replaced for being a White male.

More commie pedos support lgbtq for kids and another fashion photographer openly promoted child sexual abuse. A Harvard medical class will focus on lgbtqia+ infants. In Portland, Oregon a tranny burned down a historic Germany church after he heard voices telling him to do it.
Miss Universe’s new owner is a transwoman. He said, “From now on, it’s gonna be ran by women.” Also, trans people say they are preparing to flee the US and seek asylum abroad...in other White countries.

Biden, Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) met in Mexico for a discussion about "North American DN," which boiled down to open borders into America and more money for Mexico.

In an effort to be apologetic to nonWhites, England is returning foreign objects in museum exhibits and will only show British ones.



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