Weekend Warrior

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Isn't Law, Southwest Pilot Strike, Covid Tyranny in Latvia & Lithuania

Episode 202 begins in Canada where headbutting a keyboard is now a sexuality but it’s everywhere. Warren Beattie warns Xi that the US will go to war to ensure the rainbow flag of diversity flies over Taiwan. A girl turns 18 and to celebrate makes a free Only Fans video in Weimerica. A little late to the party but Johnny Depp says no one is safe from cancel culture. 

New research shows that babies are full of toxic microplastics, not only from chew toys.

Is America running out of everything? Cargo ships have been anchored in US for 4 weeks amid a manufactured supply chain crisis. British shoppers claim they have been unable to buy food. Also in the UK, farmers cry after hundreds of pigs were needlessly killed for nothing amid a butcher shortage and farm overcrowding. Global wheat prices are up 41% with consumption hitting an all time high and Lebanon and China are having power shortages but let’s go carbon neutral. 

Covid protests continue across the world. Southwest pilots go on strike against the vaccine mandate and the airline is lying to cover it up. Covid tyranny is the worst in the small Baltic country of Latvia. People refusing the jab are being driven out of society. Lithuania is following suit.

Denmark says it has not withdrawn the Moderna jab for those under 18. In the US, two children were ‘accidentally’ given the Covid vaccine and now have heart issues. Twitter is censoring obituaries of those who died from the vaccine. Moderna has plans to build a vaccine factory in Africa. 



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