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Binary Is Outdated, The Black Plague Is Back & Red Card Racism

Episode 121, kicks off with quick headlines. Noel Ignatiev, the Jewish “scholar” who called for abolishing the White race, is dead. Amazon feels they were discriminated against in Pentagon’s decision to award Microsoft a $10 billion cloud-computing contract. In China, two people just got the black death plague. Jail guards at the time of Epstein’s death might be convicted. This weekend marks one year of yellow vest protests in France. Also in France, hundreds of young men and women from Generation Identity held a protest against the numerous slaughters in France by Islamists.

In good news, Sweden Democrats are now the largest party in Sweden and ‘Operation Snowflake’ causes uproar as Swedish police invite gang leaders for pizza and a cozy chat after shootings and bombings.

Then, into clown world we go showing ridiculous clips from the week.

Iran says they found an oil field with 53 billion barrels of crude oil but mass protests erupt as Iran raises gas prices. Jewish identitarian lawyers are suing White identitarians for “online conspiracy” in the lead up to the Charlottesville protest against the removal of a Confederate statue. North Bristol hospitals announces a disturbing new policy to stop racism.

The show closes with a few notable tweets and inspirational poetry from Snow Shadow.


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US Election Turmoil: Likely Scenarios & 'Limits To Free Speech'

US Election Turmoil: Likely Scenarios & 'Limits To Free Speech'

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