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Black Female To Replace 007 & Prehistoric Melting Pot Propaganda Justify Europe's Migrant Influx

Henrik hosts this Weekend Warrior solo but covers some important and timely stories. We begin with Miley Cyrus who says she doesn't want kids because "the earth can't handle it." A music festival in Chicago title "Afrofuture" discriminates against Whites by selling tickets for twice the price. Turns out that JonBenét Ramsey’s former photographer has been indicted on child porn charges, surprising right? Black female actress Lashana Lynch will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond 007. Next we look at recent footage from the US southern border, a overflowing "concentration camp" in Texas shows only fighting age males, no women or children in sight. Because of the hysterical rhetoric a terrorist from Antifa firebombed an I.C.E facility in Washington State, because he think he was saving people. He had written a manifesto and was shot dead during the attack. In Paris, the "Black Vests" stormed the Pantheon, demanding "papers" to become legal citizens. In the UK, foreign doctors are behind 60% of all sex assaults on patients. Next we talk about how the story of Humans and Neanderthals in Europe is being rewritten. Then we move over to a story from National Geographics about how a supposed "prehistoric melting pot" is supposed to justify the influx of migrants to Europe. The argument NatGeo makes is that we've always been multicultural so we need to open the borders and let everyone in. We break down the story and the propaganda. We end with the story about the 1 million people on Facebook that have said they plan to attend the “storm Area51” event.


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