Western Warrior

BlackRock To Rape Ukraine, George Floyd 2.0, Mexican “White Supremacist” Killer, King Charles' Ultra Diverse Coronation

Henrik cover some of the latest major important stories. First BlackRock is getting ready to sink their fangs into Ukraine, while Russia is keeps screaming about “Nazis” on Victory Day. Meanwhile, Zelensky is ALSO calling Russia “Nazis.” So who's the Nazi? We also have a new George Floyd. Michael Jackson impersonator Jordan Neeley - who was neutralized on a New York subway by three brave bystanders – was a danger to other passengers and had been plaguing New Yorker's for over a decade. Daniel Penny – one of the men who helped to restrain Neeley – have now become a hunted man in New York, despite helping other passenger to avoid a potential violent disaster.

Then we cover the absurd case of the “Mexican White Supremacist” that killed 8 random people at a mall in Allen, Texas. This “Neo-Nazi” seems to have been almost an entirely manufactured persona around him. He intentionally trolled the media by saying that Libs Of TikTok, Tim Pool and Nick Fuentes inspired him. A total psy-op. We look closer at many of the odd facts around this “brown White Supremacist.” There have been a slew of anti-White hate crimes just in the last week that the media predictably have largely ignoring while spinning false narratives about “White nationalist terrorism.” Lastly we cover the “multicultural” coronation of WEF King Charles III and some of the absurd contrived “diversity” shoehorned into an event that SHOULD have been about British and English heritage and tradition.



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