Western Warrior

BlazeTV Sued For Sex Discrimination, Kids Sacrificed For “Diversity,” Nord Stream Blew Up After NATO Exercise, Pagan St. Patrick's Day

Episode 254 kicks off with a couple fun clips showing European women who are asked about their dating preference. Sydney Watson is suing BlazeTV alleging that they created a hostile work environment, allowing sexual and religious discrimination.

Also, TRS alt media hosts regret not taking the vaccine.

England protests after another immigrant pedophile targets a 12 year old English girl. In America, a 14yr old girl killed herself after being bullied by diversity in school. A Ukrainian refugee in America learns a hard lesson about diversity and inclusion.

A protest is organized in Portland, OR in response to a guy who held up a banner saying, It's Ok To Be White. In Maine, a mother demands an investigation after a school counselor gave her 13 year old girl a chest binder in secret. In California, a teacher claimed 'childhood innocence is a myth' and that toddlers aren't too young to talk about sex.

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is going woke this year. Ireland’s progressive Arts Minister declared alongside several drag queens that this year’s festival will be about celebrating “diversity” and “inclusivity." Lana discusses the pagan roots of St. Patrick's Day and the need to make Ireland Celtic again.



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