Weekend Warrior

Caravans, Memes & Swastikas in Vermont

Episode 71 begins with Trump who motivated Mexico to stop a caravan of 4,000 invaders coming to America from Honduras. A Russian woman was charged with conspiracy to 'meddle in US midterm elections' after she had an opinion about US politics. In liberal Vermont, a black female lawmaker made far-fetched claims that she quit because of 'ongoing racial harassment.' In Australia, Pauline Hanson tried to pass an ‘it’s okay to be White’ motion, which caused an outrage leading to other lawmakers saying it's not ok to be White. The Fabian outlet New Statesman calls to ban the alt-right from the internet to 'stop totalitarianism' and the NPC meme has lefties crying about their humanity.

The Blonde Butter Maker shows us how to make pumpkin spice cream for the fall season.



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